What I Provide

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Best of Both World's Family Childcare

Following is a thumbnail sketch of the things that I feel are important to offer children in a childcare setting. I also have a longer, more detailed handbook that is part of a folder of information provided to parents at the time of an interview.

Best of Both World's Family Childcare
                                Provides Your Child With:

A CARING ADULT who is alert to your child's interests while providing all children with a good blend of creative play, music, art, individual quiet time, structured activities, and free play.


DAILY PLANNED activities and curriculum which incorporate the Illinois Early Learning Standards.


WELL BALANCED and nutritious meals and snacks.  I participate in the Association for Child Development which is a USDA run program to support quality nutrition in chidcare setttings.  My lunches are full course meals.


FAMILY ATMOSPHERE to promote the physical, cognitive, and emotional well being of your child.  Children are not restricted to one indoor space and one outdoor space during the course of the day.


LARGE, WELL-EQUIPPED play areas, indoor and out.


QUIET AREAS for napping.


LEARNING MATERIALS, including books, puzzles, transportation toys, blocks, music, dramatic play, math and science.


ART.  I am well stocked with crayons, paints, magic markers, construction paper, scissors, glue and play dough.


MUSIC.  Music and song are a part of our daily life together.


AGE APPROPRIATE educational field trips.


SMOKE FREE, weapons free environment.


OPPORTUNITY to develop a love of books through stories, library outings and books, which I make with the children featuring themselves and their friends.


AGE APPROPRIATE routines and expectations.  Discipline tailored to each child's needs and temperament.


THE OPPORTUNITY to interact with children of different ages.

"To teach is to touch lives forever." - Anonymous